Kathy Casa, Bio

I was born in Athens, Greece, and I was taught at an early age the Greek principles of spirituality, contemplation, clean living, and living in the moment.  I grew up surrounded by the majestic ancient mountains that inspired epic stories of gods and monsters and heroes, and the meditative and healing powers of the Aegean Sea. 

Innately curious and studious, I was never one to ‘seek out’ physical activity, save for a beach swim.  By my late 20’s I understood that I was living an unbalanced life.  And then came yoga…

This life changing practice introduced me to myself, as a whole, integrated being; and it was exhilarating!  The process of learning to channel my breath while challenging my body physically brought me to a point of incredible focus.  I was empowered.  This ancient practice was teaching me how to fully live in my 21st century body. 

In 2010, I began my journey as a teacher to help others on their paths to integrated living, and have been a student ever since.  Predisposed with a fascination for cultural philosophies and modern anatomy,  I have combined these disciplines with the ancient teachings of yoga to transform and define its modern interpretation to inspire a method of “dynamis” or untapped strength.

My classes are action packed, and aimed at teaching both the physical and subtle teachings of yoga in a fun, safe and compassionate environment.  I approach all of my lessons with a sense of humor; I love to laugh and encourage others to do the same.  I believe that all lessons, great and small, are best received when the mind and body are in sync, and in a positive space.  This is where transformation happens.  This is the essence of “dynamis”.

While transforming and developing my students', my kids’, and my own physical and mental prosperity, I have practiced, learned and taught yoga at Kaia Yoga in Greenwich and Westport, CT, where I have had the privilege of working with some of the yoga universe’s most amazing and accomplished teachers.   A constant student of all things anatomical, I am continuing my education in myofascial release and pursuing a Master Degree in Integrative Medicine.  It is my passion and my privilege to be a member of a movement that works toward teaching holistic and integrative approaches to health, wholeness, and equanimity.

Simply put, I am an admirer of bodies in motion.  I marvel at the beauty of nature as it is expressed through movement.  I love to challenge my own body through smart, efficient, integrated movement, and to that end I am a constant student of anatomy, yogic science and meditation.  My aim is to create fun and challenging classes that heighten one’s awareness of his or her own body in space, while fostering an atmosphere of safe self-exploration, acceptance, and empowerment.  


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