Triumph over trauma and discover your radiance.

An online, intensive immersion for healing emotional trauma and discovering your authentic self. Using traditional methods of yoga (asana), breath work (pranayama), and meditation, along with personal live support and contemporary strategies for treating symptoms of stress and dis-ease.

Who is it for?

Flow and Thrive is a narcissistic abuse recovery program for anyone who wants to take back control of their life and triumph over trauma.

Are you ready to participate in ritual, practice radical self-care, and develop the healthy habits that will serve as your foundation as you move forward toward a healthy and fulfilling future?

The beauty with this course is that so much of it is personalized to you. I will work with you 121 as well as in small groups to help you to heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse.

This program can also help you to come to terms with a divorce, connect with your children, and so much more. So, whatever the trauma you are trying to heal from, I'm here for you.

narcissistic abuse recovery program

Meet Your Teacher

Kathy Casa Yoga Dynamis offers online yoga therapy courses to help women recover from trauma as well as transformational yoga retreats in Greece.

Kathy Casa

Your Personal cheerleader

Kathy Casa is the founder of Yoga Dynamis, a health and wellness retreat center and online studio. She is an RYT 500 teacher, aromatherapist, and life coach specializing in trauma release and recovery.

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narcissistic abuse recovery program

Tailored For You

Many online courses are one size fits all, but not this course. I understand you have a busy life and you need a course that can fit in with that.

Over the 8 weeks you will have access to my online learning portal where you will find weekly modules for you to work through, recorded classes and meditation practices, as well as recommendations for further reading. 

To complement the pre-recorded classes, each week there will be a  timetable of live classes and group sessions you can join. Can’t make a class? No worries, after each one I will upload the recording for you to access at a time that works for you.

My Undivided Attention

In addition to my online learning portal and group classes there will also be time each week for us to talk one on one. 

We will both clear our schedules of any distractions and you will get my undivided attention so we can just focus on you and your healing journey.

narcissistic abuse recovery program

Reclaiming my sense of self

I never believed I would heal from narcissistic abuse. This program brought me forgiveness and reclaiming my sense of self. I can manage my life with ease now, and I'm looking forward to the future.

Tonya S

I can't believe the changes

...It's been an incredible few weeks. I can't believe the changes in my mind and body! A month ago I could hardly think of moving, and now I look forward to each new week of classes. I feel so powerful.

JoAnn T

I'm not scared anymore

I was completely destroyed emotionally by my narcissistic husband. Thank God I found you and was able to pull myself together. I feel strong enough now as I go through the divorce. I'm not scared anymore.

Deb S


  • 8 weeks of online training modules
  • 8 personal coaching sessions
  • 8 live online group workshops
  • Daily Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Help desk support
  • Private Facebook group for support through the program and beyond
  • Priority entry into the Radiant Living Program

If you are serious about transforming your life for the better and getting back to living your best life, then I’m serious about helping you. 

My 8week transformational course is the result of many years of study, inquiry, and practice, in addition to overcoming my own personal trauma. I have been guiding women, just like you, through their own personal transformations for many years. This narcissistic abuse recovery program works, but only if you are fully committed to transforming your life.

You need to be ready to make real changes in your life. As part of this course, you will be expected to make time each day for meditation, yoga, journaling, and self-study. You will have a new module to work through each week and a personal one-on-one coaching call with me.

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

Start your Healing Journey today

Get access to my FREE Training The 5 Shifts to Triumph Over Trauma and Discover Your Radiance.

This is the first step to recovery, let’s take it together.

Free Life Transformation Training

Get access to my FREE Training The 5 Shifts to Triumph Over Trauma and Discover Your Radiance.

This is the first step to recovery, let’s take it together.