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Rituals in Transformation Sacred Space

A Fung Shui master said that the mountains protect this space; the imposing turtle in the back, and the gently sloping dragon’s tail on the left.  The sea, at the front of the property, is auspicious, as is its orientation to the east.  And the cold springs of water that trickle from the mountains protect even the sea from stagnant energy.

The Flow Of Energy

This didn’t surprise me, as I had instantly felt the tranquil flow of energy the first time I set foot on this site, neatly tucked away on Greece’s Peloponnesian coast.  A hidden gem, and unbeknownst to most, it became a sacred space, where I came to reconnect with mind and spirit, free from the external distractions of busy harbors and bustling tourist spots.

Humans have always been intuitively sensitive to the flow of vital energy around them.  The nomadic people of the Neolithic period, unencumbered by external societal distractions, often identified “sites” of heightened spiritual energy.

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Whether a tree, a spring, a stone, or a cave, such sacred spaces were marked by simple stone altars, alerting others to these portals of divine energy.  Shrines appeared in these same places during the Bronze and Dark Ages, and later became the sacred sites of the vast temples erected to venerate and connect with the mysterious and powerful universal energies, embodied by anthropomorphized gods and goddesses.  

Rituals in Transformation

Fast forward a few thousand years, and humans are still searching for such places of peace, tranquility, and transformation.  I was blessed to come upon this place a few years ago, and since then have made every effort to return as often as possible to practice yoga, rest, think, indulge and allow myself to be nurtured by the landscape.

A morning swim here becomes a moving meditation, simultaneously soothing the nervous system and energizing the body. Savasana on the warm, healing stones of the rock beach is revitalizing.  And pranayama under the shade of the olive trees and amid the dry yet salty air allows for a depth of breath, unlike anything I have ever experienced.  The indulgence here is the absence of noise and distraction, and the constant swirling of abundant positive energy, allowing one to revel in the beauty that is life.

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Changing Perspectives

Everything feels different, and better, here.  Perspectives change, problems dissolve, revelations appear, and hearts mend. Everything feels possible when one connects with universal energy on this level, and thus, transformation occurs.  In today’s noisy world, spending time in a quiet, natural space is essential to physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  And while most of us do not have daily access to majestic places such as the one described above, a week spent in a place like this can produce incredibly healing and therapeutic effects that linger long after the retreat has ended.  Magic happens here; magic that one can bring home to the sacred space of their own meditation cushion, yoga mat, cozy corner, or back yard.

This intoxicating location will be the sacred space for next year’s Rituals in Transformation yoga retreats, where we will explore asana, pranayama and meditation practice, indulge in thalassotherapy, sample the nourishing and delicious cuisine, absorb the charming local culture, and rest in simple yet comfortable suites overlooking the sea.  Yes, this place is hard to leave.

But imagine the possibilities of such a stay.  Transformation awaits.`Click here to learn more about our retreats in Greece.

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