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Vinyasa Yoga

Join me in my studio for an hour of breath centered movement. Together we will explore both basic and intermediate yoga postures, with a focus on building strength, flexibility and stamina of both the body and the mind. Expect to learn more about your body and how your energy affects your movements, perceptions, and understanding of the world around you. We will conclude every class with indulgent restorative poses and mindfulness practice to ease tension and bring you back to a state of full embodiment.

level 1 (Beginners)

9:00 AM Tuesdays and Thursdays

17:00 Mondays & 16:30 Wednesdays

Level 2 (Intermediate)

10:00 AM Tuesdays and Fridays

18:00 Mondays and 17:30 Wednesdays

Yoga for Kids and Teens!

Energetic classes with mats and aerial swings for kids ages 5 and up. Kids learn traditional yoga poses and principals to develop strong bodies and minds. They will increase their strength, flexibility and stamina, and learn to improve their concentration, coping and relaxation skills. Transitioning to harder postures increases their sense of self esteem, and teaches them to focus their attention on their bodies in a healthy way. Yoga is a complimentary activity for all sports as it increases range of motion and flexibility and reduces the potential for sports related injury.

Every Saturday

10:00 am Kids 5-11

11:00 am Teens 12-17

Aerial Yoga

Learn to fly in your yoga poses with aerial silk hammocks. Increase strength and flexibility, reverse gravity and move your body in new ways.

10:00 Thursdays

18:00 Fridays

Restorative Yoga

Dates to be announced

An incredibly soothing practice for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, this class is a perfect way to end the day.  Come and find comfort in the movement of the breath while your body is supported in yoga poses that specifically trigger the body's rest and healing response.  This beautiful class is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level or injury, as every student is positioned and supported to fit his/her needs.  


Studio Location:  Monemvasia