what's holding you back 7 Secrets Of Success

The 7 Secrets Of Success

Why can success (healing, recovering, moving forward) seem so elusive?

Ever walk down the isles of the self-help section of your local bookstore? Do you know what’s missing among the countless volumes on achievement and success?

I’ll bet you’re thinking, “not much” because it truly feels like EVERY law or secret of success
has been covered over and again, with each new year bringing forth another best seller heralding “THE” secret to a lifetime of abundance, love, and health.

Yet, look around. How many decidedly unsuccessful people do you know? People who have been striving to reach a professional milestone or an ideal weight for years? Or those who appear to have professional or financial success, but who are living unbalanced or unfulfilled lives?

You might even feel like one of them.

So why is it, that with ALL of the information instantly at our disposal, that we are still struggling, day in and out, with achieving our most desired goals?

Because of what we are missing in those books.

Don’t get me wrong here, each and every one of those self-help guides contain 100% accurate information on what it takes to be successful. But the secret is in what we fail to see, as we are dutifully underlining passages and inserting sticky notes for what we wish to commit to memory.

In ancient times, when people sought out the secrets to life, they turned to the spiritual.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’m going to take you now on a little wisdom-seeking trip to the past ancient India in fact, to a conversation between Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. When Parvati asked him to reveal the secret to achieving success, Lord Shiva responded with the “7 Secrets for Success”.

The 7 Secrets of Sucess Are:

  1. Having determination and clarity of purpose
  2. Not letting the opinions of others change one’s course; having faith in one’s purpose
  3. Respect of one’s teachers
  4. Achieving mental balance
  5. Having self-control in all things
  6. Eating a balanced diet; one that is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

Those seem straightforward enough, but don’t let their simplicity fool you. In fact, you haven’t seen the last one (remember there are 7!)

Secret #7: There is no #7.

What? What’s the meaning of that?

The magic is in what you don’t see.

It is in our attachment to the illusions of our life. In all the obstacles that we present to ourselves, real or imagined. It’s in the bad luck we believe we have. In the horrible hand that we feel we have been dealt.

It’s in all of those beliefs that limit us subconsciously and cause us to sabotage any steps we take toward our desired future.

EVERY person reading the 7 secrets of success above, (or any success secrets, passed down from ancient or contemporary teachers and mystics for that matter) will inevitably attach subconscious limitations through their ego mind and convince themselves, once they hit that stumbling block, that it is something outside of themselves that is causing their stagnation.

So we look elsewhere. We seek another secret. “There MUST be something more because I’ve already done everything else. I’ve followed the guide to the letter.”

But Lord Shiva’s wisdom tells us, ‘THERE IS NOTHING ELSE’. It is all within you. Your failure and your triumph are within you. Your obstacle is not because you are missing something, or that chance is elusive. It is because you are looking outward instead of inward. Because you are allowing your smaller mind to dictate what is possible, and succumbing to the finite.

To be successful in all things is to be limitless; boundless. It is to embrace any circumstance with the infinite potential that is inherent within it. With the infinite potential that is inherent in YOU!

There is no #7.

So, go out there and make things happen!

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