"Yoga is an education for the body; it's a privilege to teach kids the connection that exists between body and mind, and how to access their untapped potential."  -- Kathy Casa


Teen Bodies change

and as the teen body changes to resemble that of an adult, the brain is undergoing massive rewiring.  Cellular connections deemed unnecessary are pruned, and the frontal lobe  (responsible for reasoning and executive function) is under construction.  The “amygdala” or emotional center of the brain, is still very much in charge. 

Yoga brings kids "into their bodies" by cultivating awareness, strength, flexibility, and balance.  They are taught to focus on their bodies in a healthy way.


Teens feel more stress than adults...

as they are under constant daily pressure to perform; socially, in the classroom, in the gym, on social media, at home, at their extra-curricular sports and even during "fun" activities.

The yoga room is a safe and judgement-free space where teens develop a deep understanding of themselves.  They love to have a space where they can “drop” their problems outside the door, and turn their focus inward.

The boundaries of the mat become a teen's safe space.

The boundaries of the mat become a teen's safe space.

Teens need other teens...

and are programmed that way for their emotional development.  They look to each other for approval and feedback, especially when experimenting with new behaviors.

The elements of self-inquiry taught in yoga practice encourage kids to cultivate intuition and self-respect, while learning to test boundaries in a healthy and intelligent way.

Teens need tools for life...

and for their spiritual and emotional development. Introducing breathing techniques and mindfulness at this time helps kids cultivate presence, gratitude and acceptance. Concentration is further developed, and energy becomes balanced.  Kids sleep better, become less anxious and learn outlets to balance their emotions.